Inclusee’s RAP Artwork

A Beacon of Unity and Inclusivity

Welcome to the heart of our Reconciliation Action Plan: our artwork "Stronger Together". Crafted with intention and respect, this piece embodies Inclusee's deep commitment to inclusivity and harmony. It’s more than just an artwork – it's a visual testament to our dedication to fostering connections, honouring diversity, and promoting understanding among all Australians.

A Symbol of Our Commitment

Inclusee's artwork is an enduring symbol of our steadfast commitment to creating an inclusive environment that recognises and respects the unique perspectives, cultures, and contributions of all Australians. 

Each element of the artwork carries a profound meaning, reflecting our core values of trust, compassion, and respect. 

It's an everyday reminder of our pledge to engage in meaningful relationships with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, recognising their rich history, cultures, and connections to land and sea.

Our Values


The image of a linked chain in our "Stronger Together" artwork is a profound representation of trust. It symbolises our enduring connection to the land and our belief that by respecting and caring for Country, it in turn provides for us. This continuous cycle of trust underpins our commitment to sustainable practices and the preservation of natural resources.


The circular rings in our "Stronger Together" artwork symbolise the centrality of compassion in everything we do at Inclusee. Each ring, radiating outwards, represents the ripple effect of compassion in our operations, from the core to the periphery. It's our way of expressing that empathy and understanding drive our actions at every level.


The central motif in our "Stronger Together" artwork features a congregation of people symbols, each distinct yet interconnected. This signifies our commitment to mutual respect and diversity. The graphic embodies our belief in unity, celebrating individuality while honouring our shared human dignity. It's a testament to the power of respect in fostering inclusivity and understanding.

Our Pledge to First Nations People

We understand that reconciliation is not a single act, but a journey. A journey that requires humility, understanding, and a genuine commitment to change. Our artwork stands as a symbol of this journey - a beacon guiding us on the path towards a future where we stand shoulder to shoulder with our First Nations People, acknowledging their enduring legacies and learning from their wisdom.

The Power of Community & Connection

Breathing Life into Our Reconciliation Journey

Our community and volunteers are the pillars that underpin our commitment to reconciliation. Our artwork, "Stronger Together", is a testament to this communal spirit. It encapsulates our shared journey, a journey where every individual's efforts weave together to form a powerful tapestry of connection and understanding. This representation of community collaboration is a tribute to our volunteers, demonstrating the strength of community connection and the transformative power it holds. 

Every stroke and dot in our artwork is a nod to our mission: to use the power of connection to relieve isolation and loneliness for Australians. It is through this shared mission that we truly embody the power of community.

The Heart of Our Artwork

We invite you to explore our artwork, understand its meanings, and join us on this journey towards reconciliation and inclusivity. It's a journey that we are proud to embark on, together. Because at Inclusee, we believe that we are always stronger together.