Inclusee’s Core Values


“Trust is the cornerstone of Inclusee's commitment to reliability, transparency, and building meaningful connections with older Australians and First Nations people.” 

Trust is not only a value at Inclusee, but also the foundational principle of our commitment to older Australians and First Nations people. This trust extends into every facet of our relationships, interactions and operations, fostering a sense of security, dependability, and confidence in our services and programs. We believe that trust is earned through the consistent delivery of promises, open and honest communication, and accountable actions. For us, trust serves as the bedrock for meaningful connections, collaboration, and positive outcomes.


"We approach every interaction with empathy and understanding, recognising that our participants and volunteers may be facing difficult circumstances."

Inclusee's mission is deeply rooted in compassion. Our goal to relieve isolation and loneliness among older Australians and First Nations people is driven by empathy and understanding. Every interaction is approached with sensitivity towards the unique circumstances of our participants. By training our volunteers and staff to demonstrate genuine care and patience, we foster a culture of kindness that resonates within and beyond our organisation.


“Inclusee fosters a culture of mutual respect and dignity, creating a safe space where every individual is valued and heard.”

Fostering a culture of mutual respect and dignity is pivotal to Inclusee. We ensure every individual is valued, heard, and treated with kindness and fairness, thereby creating a safe and inclusive space. Our respect for diverse backgrounds, identities, and beliefs translates into an environment where voices and perspectives are valued. Volunteers are appreciated as vital contributors to our mission, and their unique ideas, talents, and skills are acknowledged. With respect at its core, Inclusee aims to empower older Australians and First Nations people through strong, trusting relationships.

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"We embrace diversity and strive to create an inclusive environment that welcomes & empowers everyone regardless of their background, identity or beliefs."

Inclusee recognises that age, ethnicity, gender identity and sexuality are just a few factors that make each person unique. We are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment that embraces diversity in all its forms.


"We believe in the power of human connection and seek to build meaningful relationships between our participants and volunteers."

We understand that the benefits of human connection extend beyond simply relieving loneliness and isolation. We are committed to promoting the benefits of human connection and to creating an environment where meaningful relationships can flourish.


“We are driven by our mission to create a positive change in the lives of older Australians and First Nations people and strive to measure and improve our impact over time."

We believe in making a meaningful difference in the lives of older Australians and First Nations people, and we recognise the importance of measuring and improving our impact over time. At Inclusee, every action we take can have a significant impact, no matter how small. 

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