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Preparation - Inclusee



As the old saying goes, prior planning and preparation prevents poor performance! And while we don’t envision that you’ll have a lot of preparation to do, it is key to a smooth meeting.

Depending on the type of club you’ll be facilitating, you may want to set aside time to prepare prior to the actual meeting.

Some suggestions include researching the topic that you’re going to be discussing that week, locations you’re traveling, a presentation for In2Trivia to or resources that you’d like to share with the group.

It is also a good idea to come up with a list of open-ended questions related to the topic that you can use to get the conversation going if needed.


You may want to think about creating an agenda, if it’s a scheduled type of discussion, just to keep the group on track.

Prepare yourself

It’s also important to take a minute to mentally prepare yourself – are you present and aware? Are you ready for a discussion and a meeting? This does include your physical space around you! Is it neat and tidy? Are there distractions that could pull someone’s attention away from the conversation, like washing in the background? Do you have a glass of water nearby, so if you need a drink you don’t have to get up? Take a look around your space to check everything is in order.