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Session times for Interests2Enjoy - Inclusee

Session times for Interests2Enjoy

Session Times

As we mentioned earlier, our meetings for Interests2Enjoy are scheduled for 2 hours with breaks. 2 hours does sound like a long time, but we want interaction and conversation, not a presentation without any engagement or dialogue so this longer meeting time allows this to happen naturally.

We say 2 hours because a conversation goes for as long as it goes and we don’t want to cut things short because of a time constraint. This doesn’t mean that the whole meeting must go for 2 hours on the dot, some participants may get tired, they might need to stretch, or they might have appointments that they need to go to; maybe 1 hour is better for them.

What a 2-hour meeting means is that we expect you as the facilitator to be available for the whole 2 hours of the meeting. While some people might join later or leave earlier,  that’s okay, – set the ground rules from the start and let them know they can leave whenever they like. We recommend scheduling a 10- or 15-minute break halfway through the meeting so that everyone can assess how they’re feeling and decide if they are able to or want to keep going. We think that this will be really good for clubs like In2Bingo or In2Travel, where people can join in when they feel ready and it’s almost a reset point for the conversation if you will. Use your active listening skills to “read the room” and notice how everyone is going and decide on or ask if they need a break if you’re not sure.