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Troubleshooting - Inclusee



From time to time, participants (and you!) might have issues with using the platform during the meeting, so we’ve got some tips for common problems that can help resolve the issue.

You’ve now learnt the basics of using Zoom, and the views on the participants tablets will be very similar. When assisting a participant, try asking them to talk you through what they can see on their screen and then direct them to tap on that option. For example, if you have already said “to turn your video on, tap your screen and look for the video camera and tap that” but the participant can’t see anything or they haven’t understood, ask them to describe what’s on their screen instead, so that you can reflect the language or words that they use.

We do recommend using simplified and descriptive language when you’re troubleshooting. Saying “Tap” rather than “Swipe” and describing the colour and shape of an icon rather than the name of it or what it is.

Please understand that you’re not facilitating a digital mentoring session and you’re not technical support! So if you’ve tried everything that you can think of, let your ESO know and they will arrange for technical support to contact the participant to assist further, or they will contact the participant themselves. With that being said, if the participant does say that they’d like to learn how to do something, such as online shopping or using google maps, maybe set up an email account, let your ESO know and we can get them in touch with our Digital Mentor ESO to try schedule a one on one mentoring session with them so they can learn all about their tablet.