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Using Zoom - Inclusee

Using Zoom

Now, onto the technical aspects of facilitating your club or meeting.

In this section of the training, we’re going to look at the Inclusee Devices and general software, Using zoom as a facilitator and some general troubleshooting to help participants.

Zoom for online clubs

Over the next few moments, we will introduce you to Zoom.

We use the Zoom platform to host our clubs. The meetings are set up by the ESO of Interests2Enjoy and will be sent to you via email so you can join in. Once you have joined, the ESO of Interests2Enjoy will make you the host of the meeting (where required) so you can share your screen and have other controls which may be necessary.

All of the participants who are enrolled in a club will have the link installed on their tablet and they will simply need to click on the icon and join the meeting, just like you do. All of the participants will have been shown how to do this, however, if they are stuck or unsure, they can reach out to their ESO. You can also reach out to the ESO of Interests2Enjoy if you’re having any issues joining a Zoom Meeting.

Using Zoom

The following videos have been put together by Zoom directly. If after watching all of the videos, you’re still unsure on how to do something in Zoom, please let the ESO of Interests2Enjoy know and they will work with you to assist you in getting comfortable.

These videos will include how to join the meeting, basic in-meeting navigation, audio and video basics, setting up backgrounds and filters, the chat and reactions as well as sharing your screen, audio or video.

Zoom instructions

We hope that by watching these videos that you’ve learnt a lot more about how to use Zoom. As always, if you’re still not confident in how to use this platform, reach out to your ESO.