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What are our Interests2Enjoy Clubs? - Inclusee

What are our Interests2Enjoy Clubs?

What is Interests2Enjoy?

The Inclusee Interests2Enjoy program encourages participants to discover new interests and revisit favourite activities in a community environment, as well as come together for special events. They are online clubs, which consists of gatherings of small groups of likeminded people that meet on a weekly basis and are facilitated by a friendly volunteer (you!). These clubs invite people to join in and have a goal of increasing inclusiveness and connection in our community.

The facilitator assists with keeping the group focused, to ensure everyone gets a chance to be heard, encourages people to join in and may also help organise online activities if requested by the group.

Clubs are scheduled on the same day each week and can run for up to 2 hours, with breaks, which we’ll cover in more detail later in the training. As more people join in, more clubs will be formed, including having multiple clubs of the same interests running throughout the week. The clubs are based on the interests or demographics of participants, so, we are always interested in receiving any suggestions or ideas to form new clubs. Our clubs currently include interests such as: In2Bingo, In2Travel and In2Trivia. We’re still growing this space and we hope to begin other programs, such as: In2Books, In2Crafting, In2Culture and a lot more