Would you like to listen to and learn how to play Hawaii’s most popular instrument? Join Sarah and their ukulele for a beginner’s guide to this amazing instrument.


In2Recipes will be a space for participants to come and swap recipes and discuss their favourites with other members of the group. They can share helpful tips and tricks on tricky recipes also.

In2Recipes will be a space for participants to come and swap recipes and discuss their favourites with other members of the group. They can share helpful tips and tricks on tricky recipes also.

Join our In2Pets club for pet lovers! Share stories, introduce your pets, and enjoy special guests & virtual visits to locations like RSPCA. Plus, we’ve got funny animal videos for your entertainment. Attend this virtual meetup & share your pet experience with us.


Join your fellow community members to play a new virtual game each week. We will play old favourites such as Bingo, Boggle, and Jeopardy, as well as trying new games suggested by the group. For our devoted Bingo fans, this game will be held on the second week of each month.


Connect with like-minded community members online and share your faith. Read your favourite bible verses, tell stories, sing hymns and create new friendships with other participants in our digital community.


Let Inclusee whisk you away on virtual adventures around the world!  Each week, we travel to amazing places across the globe.  From ancient wonders, cityscapes, tropical locations, to breathtaking landscapes.  You can see it all with Inclusee!   

Senior female and male sitting at table on their laptop

Do you love your garden or have a keen interest in gardening?  This is the session for you!  Join our virtual gardening community on a weekly basis to share knowledge on all things gardening.

Photo of senior woman in her garden

Join our resident tech expert Maui to learn some quick and easy tips around staying safe online, including topics such as identifying and avoiding scams, privacy settings, understanding web browsers and downloading documents safely online.

Woman sitting on couch in front of laptop taking notes

Join in on our virtual mens shed.  This is a safe and fun place where men can share interests, connect with friends, contribute to their community and join in an atmosphere of old-fashioned mateship.

Two men sharing stories holding a coffee cup
Lunch Club

Join us for lunch! Pop in to our virtual Connect2You community centre. Share lunch with our friendly facilitators and participants whilst having a chat.

Lady eating lunch whilst looking at her digital device

Take a moment out of your day to just slow down, reflect and relax in the moment.  Topics include meditation, breathing exercises, journaling and reflection. Experience not required! This is a great introduction for those who have never practiced wellbeing before, as well as those who are seasoned gurus.

Senior woman standing at the beach, arms outstretched

In2Craft is all about celebrating your favourite crafts and your current projects. From scrapbooking, quilting, crocheting, and knitting, you can share with our crafting community your projects and interests around your craft of choice.

Photo of lady sewing

Join the Inclusee community for a fun and interactive Trivia session. This is a fun competition where you can test your general knowledge and learn new facts.

Photo of a group of seniors sitting in front of a laptop

The Inclusee Book Club is a place where you can share what you are reading with our connecting community.  Bring along any book of your choosing and share anything you like about the book.

Senior man reading book
Happy Hour

Join us for our Friday Happy Hour!  This is an opportunity to join in on a casual, social environment providing fun, friendship and connection.

Happy senior people dancing against white background with gold dots
Digital Help Desk

Our Digital Help Desk is a place where you can drop in and chat to our our tech expert, Maui, for any support or guidance you may need using digital technology.

Senior woman sitting in front of her laptop taking notes

Warm up those vocal chords and sing along to tunes from the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s or any song you would love to sing your heart out to, in the Inclusee online karaoke club.

Senior lady singing in to a microphone wearing start shaped glasses