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What We Do at Inclusee

As a dedicated not-for-profit charity, Inclusee connects communities online. This is a place where you can engage in enriching community activities and dive into enjoyable online learning experiences, all while forming meaningful connections with our supportive volunteers and each other.

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A World of Connection, Learning, and Joy in Our Virtual Community

Dive into a world of connection and discovery with Inclusee's carefully crafted programs, all designed to build community, enhance skills, and ignite passions, all from the comfort of your home.


Connect is a welcoming space where making online friends is easy. Whether connecting one-on-one or joining in on group time, our programs are designed to bring friends, family, and fellow seniors together in an online space where everyone belongs. Enjoy creating moments of joy and lasting friendships within our supportive connected community.

  • Weekly digital visiting program
  • One-on-one sessions
  • Join group discussions
  • Virtual community centre

Connect Programs


Our Learn programs turn online learning into a joyful journey. Let our digital mentors guide you through gaining new digital skills—from sending emails to navigating online shopping. Our sessions are crafted to be both easy and fun, ensuring you always feel comfortable and empowered while learning new, handy online skills with us.

  • Build confidence in digital skills
  • Join a program to learn tablet basics
  • Online learning programs tailored to your interests and needs
  • Easy, user-friendly platforms

Learn Programs


Discover a world of entertainment with our Enjoy programs. Dive into a variety of community activities tailored just for you, from strumming on a ukulele, sharing favourite recipes, to exploring virtual worlds and gardens, there’s something for everyone. It's all about enjoying your time, your way, with friendly faces who share similar interests in our easily accessible digital space.

  • Explore new interests & hobbies
  • Rediscover old passions
  • Enjoy seniors games online & clubs
  • Attend special online events

Enjoy Programs

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